One-of-a-Kind Bilingual Day Care

Find your peace of mind when you bring your child to our fun and supportive day care at Allie & Friends in Minden, Nevada, where both English and Spanish is spoken daily to all students to help them become bilingual. While you are hard at work, our accommodating organization provides state-of-the-art child care and education for your children between the ages of six weeks and five years old. Our teaching methods are based on our customized version of the Montessori curriculum. Our desire is to encourage children to grow in all domains and satisfy their inborn curiosity.

Comprehensive Curriculum

At our school, your child is taught an age-appropriate curriculum with a wide range of instructive academics that include early learning skills in many subjects. Our most diverse subject is science, which includes such intriguing topics as gardening, nutrition, hygiene, astronomy, and animals. Your children also receive in-depth instruction in the following areas:

Positive Character Development

Vital learning for your children takes place when they participate in social experiences and dramatic play. Through these entertaining experiences, our caring teachers encourage concepts such as humility, friendship, and gratitude. Our students are also strengthened to grow in the following areas:

  • Problem Solving
  • Creative Thinking
  • Cooperation
  • Character Development

Mental Stimulation

In addition to learning important moral values, we provide your sons and daughters with mental stimulation and growth by inspiring them to explore and push the boundaries of their creativity. Our interactive activities include scientific and ethical thinking, as well as thought-provoking communicative experiences. When your children participate in our engaging mental exercises, they are better able to make appropriate choices and sound decisions as they grow and show greater emotional security and independence.

Dedicated Teachers

As students of our day care, your children experience success and create feelings of self-worth and competence while being supported by our accepting and affectionate staff. We work with you to help create a solid foundation so your little ones are elementary-school ready. It is our goal to continually work on identifying each child’s strengths and needs over time, so they can grow into their “best-selves”.