Our son has been attending Allie and Friends Daycare for the Last 7 months. The school provides an amazing caring and nurturing learning environment for our son. He is constantly learning skills and gaining experiences that are important for children at his age but so often missed until later. All of the teachers are very enthusiastic about their work and about the company they work for, which is always a good sign. Because of our flexible work schedules, we love our ability to drop in at any time to pick up or drop off our son or just to say hi. The daily activity reports are a nice way to keep track of not only what he was learning about but also his eating and his bathroom use, which his helpful for meal planning, potty training and potentially useful diagnostic information. The staff is wonderful about calling us should our little guy become sick. During one of his sick days we were happy to have a sincere call to check in on him to ensure he was doing better. The staff treat him and us like family and we could not be happier.
J. Kirkpatrick
Allie and Friends has been an amazing stepping stone for our daughter. We appreciate all of the effort that goes into teaching our children to respect one another as well as their environment. As from a curricular standpoint, our daughter comes home daily with knowledge of different countries, cultures, seasons, numbers, reading and other important skills. We also appreciate the loving kindness that each teacher and aid exudes toward the children. We have already referred three people to Allie and Friends over the years and will continue to do so as we truly believe in the value of an Allie and Friends experience.
Monica Salci

After a lengthy research on all of the local daycare center’s; Allie and Friends, has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. We have been with Allie and Friends since 2009 and will continue to stay with them until our youngest son graduates from their prestigious academic pre-school program, which recently expanded into the bilingual program and Im seeing a lot of positive feedback coming from my four year old. Thank you for that Allie’s.

We have grown with Allie and Friends, and when their expansion took place during the transition, they continued to provide quality care for our boys. Not only has Allie and Friends, made us feel comfortable and secure to leave our most precious commodities in their care, but they have gone above and beyond to make sure that our boys, who struggle with anxiety feel safe and loved with patience, comforting voices and hugs.

I asked my son who has moved onto Kindergarten what his favorite part of Allie and Friends was to him and he responded with, “when they rub our backs and help us fall asleep during nap time.” Something he misses so much today. Our youngest son is in the preschool prep class with Miss Josie and Miss Tara and he absolutely adores them, and has a strong bond with both of them. Drop off’s are a breeze!

Allie’s philosophy of love, care, security, patience and understanding is what this world needs more of. We are proud to have our boys be a part of that high-level of compassion. We are truly grateful for the staff at Allie and Friends, they have become family to us and plan on keeping in close contact with them as the future progresses for our boys. Thank you, A Team!

The Castro Family